Amy Howden Chapman
Bjarki Bragason Joe Hoyt
Places are changing

Places Are Changing was produced collaboratively by members of The Distance Plan in June 2014 around Patreksfjörður in the Westfjords region of Iceland. As an element of the Stadir Places project, curated by Eva Ísleifsdóttir and Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir Places Are Changing works to directly respond to the environment and community around Patreksfjörður, in particular the Hnjótur Museum.

The core of the Hnjótur Museum collection are everyday items gathered together by the museum's founder, that collectively tell the story of the farming community of this remote part of Iceland. Having noticed the rapid modernization that was taking place in the region following The Second World War he actively collected items that were being replaced without regard for documenting for perpetuity the rapidly fading way of life.

The Places Are Changing publication reflects on this process of observing and recording change. Such observations are an important but difficult endeavor with many changes occurring at a pace barely detectible beneath the normal routines of everyday life, with the past being considered inferior to the promises it is claimed the future will hold.